How I happened to become a print expert

After three glorious, freely creative years at The Essex School of Art, I was lucky enough to be recommended by my print tutor to a local T-Shirt screen printing firm in Colchester. They kindly took me on as a Graphic Artist.

This was never the plan, I wanted to be a printmaker or Illustrator.

And so I was in a way, just not the ‘arty’ way I had imagined. But in the much faster, accurate world of commercial print. 

After learning how to artwork for commercial screen printing, I moved onto the laborious business of hand tint laying and planning for litho print. I actually enjoyed every minute, with so much tutoring and help from so many lovely people, most of whom had been in the business way before me or the digital age, I learnt from the best.

Two children and some years later, I decided that if I wanted to continue to earn a living doing what I loved and be able to fit it around my family, I would need to go freelance. So I created this little dog character, called Uncle Shandy, and we started working together with other small businesses and individuals to help them grow their visual presence.

How to find me

I live in the beautiful Suffolk town of Clare with my lovely teenagers and dogs, surrounded by inspiring countryside, just a stone’s throw from Gainsborough’s birthplace. I have recently gone back to printmaking with a short course at Gainsborough’s House Print Workshop. I am loving the freedom to create beautiful imagery just for the fun of it, turning my drawings and sketches into printmaking ideas.

The area also boasts some rather splendid eateries and pubs, so if you’re busy with life like me, and your only hope of any kind of business meeting is tea and a slice of cake before picking the kids up, we’ll get along just fine!

Of course, you may not be local to me, so emailing or a good old-fashioned phone call is just as effective.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Call Louise: 01787 278355 or 07974 080731

On my day off

Finding time to draw or paint is a rare treat, so when Christmas comes around again, it’s the ideal excuse!

With so many people not sending cards now, I still like to indulge myself with a little artwork to produce cards to send to friends and family.