How I happened to become a print expert

After three years at The Essex School of Art, I was recommended to a local T-Shirt screen printing firm in Colchester which took me on as a Graphic Artist.

After learning how to do artwork for commercial screen printing, I moved onto tint laying and planning for litho printing. I received tutoring and help from so many lovely people, most of whom had been in the business way before me or the digital age, so I learned from the best.

Two children, a couple of jobs and a few years later, I decided to go freelance in order to continue working at what I enjoyed whilst bringing up a young family.  So I created this little spotty dog character and we started working together with other small businesses and individuals to help them grow their visual presence.

How to find me

I live in the beautiful Suffolk town of Clare, surrounded by inspiring countryside.

The area has some splendid eateries and pubs, so if you’re busy with life, and your only hope of any kind of business meeting is tea and a slice of cake before picking the kids up, we’ll get along just fine!

Of course, you may not be local to me, so emailing or a phone call is just as effective. I am also happy to set up a Zoom meeting.

I look forward to creating with you.

Call Louise: 07974 080731


Although illustration is not the bulk of my work, I still get asked for it and am always happy to get the pencils out!

Some of my work.

Illustration to Printed Greetings Cards

Commissioned Work

Commissioned piece using pastels and coloured pencils. Framed using upcycled materials.