Photo fixes, edits and vectors

Have you just spent a totally exhausting afternoon trying to crop or colour edit your promotional photos?

With a little tweak here and there in Photoshop from Spotty Dog your branding imagery can shine and you have your sanity back. Or if you have a logo that’s not quite as slick as you would like, maybe it’s time to treat it to a vector redraw – you will be able to re-size to your heart’s content for banners and other large format work.

Please contact Louise on 07974 080731 Let’s get your branding images and graphics tidied, fit for purpose and professional looking……so you can continue to trade in style!



‘Resizing my social media images seemed so simple when I started…yesterday!

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Something not quite right?

Maybe the colour’s all wrong or you want a large format poster but your lovely logo looks dreadful when it’s enlarged, get in touch for a quick solution.